Founded in 2009 by Gerry Doe and Fiona Turnbull, Saffron Walden Swords is a community orientated club for fencers of all ages and abilities

Fencing is great fun for all ages and abilities. Some people like to fence socially, simply for pleasure, whilst other prefer the excitement of competitions. Our aim is to cater for all fencers with a friendly inclusive environment, so that everyone can enjoy the sport. If you really want to develop your technique though then Linda and Pierre will push you to your limit. They have trained many champions and know how to spot talent and ensure it is maximised. 

Fencing requires a lot of protective equipment and the cost of this can be off putting, especially for new fencers. To allow people to experience the fun of fencing without having to spend a lot of money we provide kit and swords for the use of club members. We do ask that regular fencers have their own glove and body wire.  

We know that joining a new sports club, especially as a beginner, can be daunting but all of our coaches, committee members and club members love to have new people join us so don’t be shy. If you would like to come along then just send us a message and we will be happy to help.

“Fencing is really fun.  I love competitions.  Even if you don’t win you always learn something from the other fencer.  You learn different styles and next time you are competing against them you know what to do”

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What does Fencing mean to our members?

“I’d been bringing my eldest fencing for a number of years and never really considered fencing myself until an end of term parent/child fencing session, which I ended up really enjoying. After that, a few of us parents of young fencers decided to take it up. I thought I’d use it as an opportunity to get fit for skiing, but liked it so much I decided to stick with it. Since I’ve been fencing, my coordination, stamina and general fitness level have all improved, and it’s a great way to relieve the stresses of modern life. Meg can still wipe the floor with me, but I’m happy to be able to get a few points in now”

“I had never considered fencing as a sport for my son, its not exactly something you see everyday! After seeing a demonstration he was so excited and went to the next lesson he could. He is quite shy but is totally different when fighting and it has really developed his confidence.  We don’t go to many competition as he prefers to fence at the club but its something that he really enjoys and that he can choose what he wants to do.”

“I have been fencing since I was 6 and I still really enjoy it.  You learn and get better all the time, but mostly its just great fun”

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